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Environment Aware And Restoration Network(EARN) is a nonprofit and nongovernmental organization registered in Nigeria with Corporate Affairs Commission as an environmental restotation network with deep-seated passion and concern for the environment and committed to render urgent disaster relief and support to vulnerable people and communities impacted by disasters in oil producing areas of Nigeria.

EARN is poised to operate according to the Ngerian environmental laws without political ,social and religious bias.and is an equal employment opportunity Organization.

EARN was founded to complement government efforts, accelerate and escalate outreach to communities which have suffered the impacts of environment injustice and climate change challenges.
The goal of EARN is to restore severely polluted, damaged and degraded environment by tackling menace of oil spills, gas flaring and most recent pervasive illegal petroleum refining (kpofire) that has exacerbated climate change challenges with huge release of Greenhouse Gases (GHGs) and to prepare states to build resilience for impacts of extreme weather that can cause flooding, deforestation,drought and other weather related crises including human health.

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Oil Spill Conference Nigeria (OSCN)
Environment Aware And Restoration Network (EARN)


  • – Total commitment to building climate action, resilience and sustainable environment in Nigeria.
  •   – Restoration of Environment to green climate and low-carbon economy.
  •  – Advocacy for Environment free from gas flaring oil spills, kpofires and healthy society.
  •  – Amelioration of plight and sufferings of people and communities living with crude oil in oil producing areas of Nigeria.
  •  – Build community participation through crowdsourcing solutions.
Prof Sylvester Egwu 
Prof Sylvester Egwu CEO/FOUNDER
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